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Supply Chain

We are making environmental sustainability key to our manufacturing and supply chain processes.

To extend our impact, we are also working with partners across our value chain to make their operations more sustainable.





Target (March 2021) Reduce specific energy consumption by 30%
Progress (Sep 2020) Reduce specific energy consumption by 25%


Target(March 2021) Increase renewable energy portfolio to 30%
Progress (Sep 2020) Increased renewable energy portfolio to 52%


Target (March 2021) Become water positive
Progress (Sep 2020) Reduced specific water consumption by 45%


Target (March 2021) Have zero waste to landfill
Progress (Sep 2020) Reduced specific waste to landfill by 76%

Supplier engagement

Target (FY 22) Engage and evaluate suppliers amounting to 70% of our procurement spends
Progress (FY 20) Engaged and evaluated suppliers amounting to 67% of our procurement spends


Target(March 2021) Become carbon neutral
Progress (Sep 2020) 46% reduction in specific greenhouse gas emissions


Target (FY 25) Reduce packaging consumption per unit of production by 20% from the base year of fiscal year 2017-18
Target (FY 25) Have 100% of the packaging material recyclable, reusable, recoverable, or compostable
Target (FY 25) Use at least 10% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in plastic packaging